Three Easy Steps To Engaging, Enthralling Copy
Have you ever wondered why some copy sparkles, while other copy falls flat—even when the messages essentially say the same damn thing?

These three tweaks will have you sitting pretty with your copy + storytelling in no time.

Use Onion Emotions

There's nothing flatter than reading, "I was sad"...or mad... or angry...or happy. BLEH

These are surface emotions that lack the depth of real feeling, especially when you're trying to create a bond with your audience.

The more vulnerable the share, the deeper the bond you create.

One of the quickest ways to being more vulnerable with your audience is to be honest about the complexity + depth of your emotions.

You weren't just sad. You were morose, melancholy, somber, dismal, or downright despondent!

You weren't just mad. You were agitated, exasperated, furious, or freakin' livid.

You weren't just happy. You were overjoyed, ecstatic, elated, cheerful, or over-the-moon jubilant.

Get Specific With Your Descriptions

Being general is a great way to keep your audience at an arm's length. 

The more specific you get with the details, the greater the picture your audience sees, and the more emotionally involved they are.

You weren't just drinking a pop (or soda as my hubby calls it), you were drinking a cold, thirst quenching Coca-Cola.

You weren't just snacking on some chocolate, you were munching on the new Simply Caramel Milky Way BEFORE you finished paying the cashier.

You weren't just dancing to some music, you were having a no-holds-barred, all-bets-are-off dance party celebration to the latest remix of Annie Lenox's "Walkin' On Sunshine" complete with fist pumps and hair whippin' air guitar.

Show More Than You Tell

This is hands down the best thing you can do for your copy + your marketing (and any other writing projects you've got goin' on).

There's nothing more boring than reading a bunch of instructions or facts. It's not entertaining. It's not fun. And quite frankly, no one fuckin' remembers.

So here's how you take your copy from humdrum to "Holy wow! Gimme more!"

Show don't tell.

Tell: I was so mad, I could scream.

Show: Heart pounding in my chest, my cheeks sizzled red, while my fingers twitched themselves into fists ready to hurl at the ignorant bigot before me. "Breathe, Polly. Just breathe," I tried to calm myself.

Tell: I was really scared.

Show: My stomach curled in knots, a cold sweat prickling down my spine. My fingers trembled reaching for the door knob.

Advanced Tell: I'm empathic, and I'm always gonna feel super effected + emotional about + around other people.

Advanced Show: Because I'm an empath, I will always drown in the emotional annihilation of others + fail to connect with my true core self because I am inexorably interwoven into the reality of others with a failed sovereignty of my own.

These three tips alone will revolutionize your copy + marketing, the intimacy of your relationship with your audience, and the quality of your interactions.

Not sure how to make these tips work for you? Let's practice those skills together.

Add a piece of copy below, and I'll show you how to alchemize it using the three techniques above. No strings attached.

You are the hero. Go build your legacy.

Love + Magic,

Your Biz Fairy Godmother™

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